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Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit with Skunk # 1. This strain is often enjoyed for its energetic and uplifting effects. Island Sweet Skunk (sometimes known as Sweet Island Skunk ) offers a sweet , skunky flavor with undertones of grapefruit. Island Sweet Skunk can encourage a good mood and can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Users often feel focused and creative. It may also help with migraines, fatigue, and nerve pain. Island Sweet Skunk is easier to grow than many other Sativa-heavy strains.


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Island Sweet Skunk for sale is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit with Skunk #1. This strain is often enjoyed for its energetic and uplifting effects. Island Sweet Skunk (sometimes known as Sweet Island Skunk) offers a sweetskunky flavor with undertones of grapefruit. This strain also comes in a CBD variety to help medical marijuana patients treat symptoms associated with chronic anxietyinflammation and muscle spasms. Growers say  Sweet island  has a flowering time of 7-8 weeks. This strain comes in buds that are green with bright yellow and orange hairs.

How To Grow Island Sweet Skunk

The strain is reported to grow short and dense with light green buds, pale orange stigma hairs, and long-stemmed trichomes in an 84-98 day flowering cycle.

Island Sweet Skunk by Federation Seeds

buy  Sweet island Skunk strain reportedly flowers within 49-63 days, growing tall and possibly requiring extra support for its exceptional height and heavy yields of dense, sticky colas. The strain is said to grow well using Sea of Green (SOG) methods but may require a warm, sunny, outdoor or greenhouse environment to support its size.

Medical Benefits Of  Sweet island skunk

Island Sweet Skunk strain is a wonderful strain for patients who are looking to escape their debilitating and inconvenient symptoms. This strain is a well-oiled healing machine, making you feel more relaxed and worry-free, and reducing other feelings that may arise due to chronic and persistent stress.

This hybrid is also great at curing mood-altering ailments such as depression and anxiety, allowing you to function in a more positive and relaxed manner. This strain can give you energy which can also prove itself to be useful if you are suffering from chronic fatigue or simply need a boost.

Island SS strain has proven itself to be a powerful way to fight chronic pain as well. This multi-talented sativa-dominant hybrid is known to reduce back pain, muscle spasms and headaches greatly, allowing patients to go about their day with renewed motivation, leaving the aches behind.


Island SS quite a beauty, and she shows this not only in her physical presence, but also in the many beneficial effects this strain has on its users. This hybrid is primarily a good-mood inducer, and you won’t be able to help yourself – the negative thoughts will simply melt away and make room for better vibrations.

This strain is all about the uplifting things you can possibly feel, IslaND SS will give you the boost you are likely looking for, and keep you in a good place for hours on end. This sativa-dominant strain is also great at providing you a spurt of energy, and works its wonders better than a cup of coffee ever could.

This strain will make you succumb to a unique euphoric state that will keep you elated throughout the day. This strain can encourage you to be more creative than usual, providing you with many new ideas and keeping you in an inspired place, where you can stay focused and become more productive.


Island Sweet Skunk has an exceptionally special aroma that will instantly fill the room with all its fruity goodness. This strain smells like fresh grapefruit mixed with a potent skunky scent that will make you think of all sorts of citrus fruits.


This particular skunk strain smells and tastes very much like you would imagine, considering its fitting moniker. Island SS has a creamy smoke that will make you think of citrus and tropical fruits, and its flavor will linger and leave a sweet hint on your lips.


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