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Sun Rocks are similar to Moon Rocks in that they both start with cannabis flower coated in THC concentrate for a highly potent sticky bud of weed. However, Moon Rocks are covered in kief, giving the bud a lunar appearance, while Sun Rocksbuds are simply drenched in an ultra-strong concentrate for an amber, almost sunny, appearance.

While these are both potent and sticky buds of weed, there are many differences between the two as well.

Moon Rocks vs. Sun Rocks

Both of these otherworldly rocks will certainly get you high, but there are several key differences to consider when scoping your dispensary shelves.


From afar, a Sun Rock buds looks pretty similar to an actual nug of weed. It’s not until you get a little closer that you can see the bud is actually coated in concentrate. This gives you a better idea of the quality of the weed before you actually decide to make a purchase. 

While kief does give Moon Rocks their signature appearance, it also hides the cannabis underneath. There is really no way to tell whether or not the foundation of your rock is quality cannabis until you start to break it down.


Also unlike their lunar cousin, everything used to make a Sun Rock buds comes from the same flower. For example, if a brand decides to use OG Kush (Sun Rocks are typically made with OG flower) to make their sticky creation, OG Kush is the base for both the flower and the concentrate. Thus, you know exactly what you’re getting when you dive into a Sun Rock.

Moon Rocks, on the other hand, can be made with any variety of flower, concentrate, and kief. As long as those three components are present, it is considered a Moon Rock.


Another element to consider is your desired level of potency. While many Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks are similar in potency, that is not always the case. Moon Rocks have been known to peak at a THC content of around 52%, and Sun Rocks bud can be as high as 80%. Needless to say, exercise caution with either of these sticky buds.

Effects Of Sun Rocks

Moon and SunRocks produce very unique effects. Some users compare them to dabs due to their potency, but the highs are really quite different.

Dabs and concentrates typically produce a short burst of uplifting, clear-headed euphoria. Moon Rocks and SunRocks, on the other hand, produce a strong, long-lasting stone. They burn long and slow, with enduring effects after just a few hits/tokes. Expect subtle hints of clarity with uplifting euphoria.


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