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The Purple Haze marijuana strain is a psychedelic Sativa flower. Berry-flavored and high in THC, this cerebral herb is a natural headache reliever. Named after the legendary Jimi Hendrix song, this old school Sativa provides a nearly psychedelic experience. Medicinal consumers suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may benefit from Purple Haze’s long-lasting euphoric high. These mood-enhancing and uplifting effects may also help people who are looking to destress and unwind.

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This long-lasting, potent, and psychedelic strain will have you in Purple Haze for sale  in no time at all. This Strain is considered to be one of the best wake-and-bake strains out there due to its energizing effects.

Fans of the late, great Jimi Hendrix will note that this strain is named after his classic 1967 psychedelic rock anthem. Also, when you discover this strain’s lineage, it reveals another reason why buy Purple Haze Strain online  is the perfect name for this strain.

While there is some controversy around this strain exact lineage, the consensus is that it is a cross between two sativa-dominant strains, namely Purple Thai and Haze. Purple Haze strain  itself is a slightly sativa-dominant strain with a sativa to indica ratio of 60:40.

Super stimulating and thought-provoking, it  is both an excellent solo strain or one to share with some friends! And if you are sharing this strain with your significant other, this strain is one of the most effective aphrodisiac strains out there!. purple haze strain for sale usa.

After first consuming this Strain, you may experience a slight pressure in your temples or your cheeks may become flushed. This is pretty commonly experienced by many  consumers and is nothing to worry about.

In terms of this strain effects, you can expect an uplifting, euphoric, and cerebral high. Due to its instant high-energy effects, this strain is considered to be one of the best wake-and-bake strains out there.

Like Hendrix, you may also find yourself lost in a Purple Haze Weed after consuming this potent and psychedelic strain. You will find yourself thinking more creatively and abstractly, and even mundane things may start to become more interesting.

Purple Haze Strain consumers say that this strain also has a psychedelic-like effect. You may experience a heightened perception to visual and auditory stimuli in particular. The Purple Haze strain may not be suitable for a novice smoker due to the combination of its psychedelic and potent effects. smoke shop.


The  strain has a deliciously sweet blueberry aroma combined with sharper, spicier notes. A strong, earthy odor offsets these fruity and spicy aromas. Breaking open its cured, dried buds reveals a slightly dank and musty smell with a slight tinge of berry. smoke shops near me.



The Purple Haze strain has a mouth-watering combination of sweet and fruity flavors that are reminiscent of berries and grapes. This Strain sweet and spicy notes are most prominent on the inhale. On the exhale, this strain’s fruity, grape-like flavors are more apparent.

Medical Benefits of Purple Haze

This strain has several purported health benefits. Medicinal consumers suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may benefit from Purple Haze’s long-lasting euphoric high. These mood-enhancing and uplifting effects may also help people who are looking to destress and unwind.

Purple Haze’s energizing effects may also prove beneficial to medicinal consumers suffering from chronic fatigue. As already mentioned, this is a classic wake-and-bake strain that offers consumers a much-needed energy boost.

Some medicinal consumers say that this Strain also has some moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties too.smoke shops near me.

Possible Side Effects of Purple Haze

The most commonly reported side effects associated with this strain is cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, some people have reported experiencing dizziness, heightened anxiety, and paranoia after consuming this strain.

It is essential to be mindful of this Strain potency and psychedelic effects before consuming this strain. If you are prone to paranoia or panic attacks, then you may be better off avoiding this strain.

If you do experience a panic attack, discontinue use immediately. It may help to remove yourself from the situation and relocate to a comfortable and secure environment where you can unwind and relax. smoke shops near me.


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16 reviews for Purple Haze

  1. Joyce A. Clark

    Immediate relief of nausea. Increased sense of calm and well-being.

  2. Racheal A. Kolb

    Just 3 words, well done Dogs Of Cannabis

  3. Eric T. Monks

    Very fast delivery. I ordered 30 gr and got a free delivery.

  4. Nicholas C. Evans

    I have Trigeminal neuralgia and standard meds had no effect but they did have severe side effects. Cannabis reduces the pain in severity and frequency to almost zero.

  5. Dallas N. Davis

    I like this site, they always have some specials going on.

  6. Greta M. Conne

    The best weed I’ve had in a long time.

  7. Emily H. Buhl

    Cannabis helps with my pain, sleep troubles, nausea and daily depression and anxiety.

  8. Cristina R. Eckel

    At first I wasn’t sure about this place but I have ordered a few times now and so far everything is great. Good product, good price and fast delivery.

  9. Charlene B. Lieber

    This being on of my first times using a cart, the price point is what sold me on this one. Great prices.

  10. Shirley S. Grisham

    The best that I’ve had in a long time.

  11. Robert V. Toro

    I live in Vancouver and I receive my orders from the Dods Of Cannabis Online Store the delivery is always quick.

  12. Ryan D. Sanchez

    I’m in Banff Alberta and I was surprised when I received my order so fast.

  13. Gloria F. Cusack

    This was recommended to me by one of my friends and it’s been great so I recommend it to everyone.

  14. Catina J. Billings

    Effective for pain relief and muscle spasms. Replaces my Norco and Flexoril by about fifty percent. Also helps me sleep better.

  15. Evelyn J. Hull

    Good quality, I’ll definitely order again.

  16. Madge A. Moran

    I quiet smoking cigarette and I only do cannabis now. I feel a lot more relaxed.

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