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Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. This strain has given rise to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Rumor has it that Northern Lights first sprouted near Seattle, Washington, but was propagated out of Holland after 1985 at what is now Sensi Seeds.

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Along with Haze and Skunk #1, Northern Lights for sale usa is among the most influentials strains of all time. The #5 strain was first entered into competition in 1989. When growing outdoors, a sunny, pleasantly warm climate will produce the highest yields from this strain, like most of its Indica-based ancestors and descendants, Buy Northern Lights online Australia is highly recommended for evening use and insomnia. It is one of the purest Indica stain.

The Northern Lights Strain for sale Australia strain has a real tendency to induce happiness and plenty of genuine smiling, with users sometimes reporting light high, about this Indica StrainBuy Northern Lights UK is perhaps one of the most popular strains you’ll find in the legal cannabis market. It’s a pure indica Strain. A cross between Afghani and Thai indicas, the Northern Lights strain for sale UK is 95% indica and just 5% Sativa. Its THC content hovers between 16% and 21%. Few strains come with as much widespread renown as Northern Lights, inarguably one of the most popular strains of all time.

Medical Benefits of Northern Lights/Buy Northern lights strain Australia

Being one of the most potent Indicas known to mankind, it provides great medicinal attributes to help combat stress, anxiety, nervousness, nausea and depression. Medical benefits of Northern Lights StrainAnxiety · Depression · Social Anxiety Disorder · Generalized Anxiety Disorder · PTSD · Bipolar Disorder · PMS. This well-loved bud has several potential benefits for medical patients, while recreational smokers turn to the strain to chill out and relax.
Widely recommended for its supreme medical abilities, Northern Lights for sale usa is a favorite among those seeking to treat physical pain as well as mental stress.
Additionally, lack of appetite and sleeplessness (insomnia) are brilliantly assisted by Northern Lights. For those who are experiencing a medical alignment that is more on the physical side, a higher dose of Northern Lights cannabis might be in order so that its full effects can be presented for the most effective relief.
This cannabis strain has a way of numbing down any negative thoughts and uplifting the positive ones, which is in part why it is so effective at this type of treatment, but a small to average dose is the wisest decision when facing this type of medical condition, for too large of a dose may cause unexpected paranoia, or heighten the anxiety and stress.


THC Percentage

Northern lights strain for sale Canada are believed to be one of the most potent indicas of all time. The standard Northern Lights is found to have a THC level of 22%, with some phenotypes containing up to 33%. This means that the user is likely to experience its full-blown effects after only a few puffs.

For this reason, first time and inexperienced users are advised to start with low doses and work their way up with this heavyweight.

 Taste And Smell

Northern lights is famous for its sweet smell and taste. Unlike other strains which are ‘smell heavy’ strains, Northern lights is earthy and friendly with an exceptional pine finish. You might catch a touch of lime, citrus or even Ammonia

As for the taste, the experience is smooth all the way. You are most likely to experience the palate-pleasing flavor of lemon sweetness, stimulating pine, and a persistent earthy taste.

However, the strain’s pleasing aroma can be very pungent. Anyone who wants to smoke discretely should come with innovative ways of disguising the smell.

Generally, Northern Lights is a smooth strain to smoke. However, for an even smoother toke, you may want to invest in a flower vaporizer

Effects Of Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights is one of the most potent strains available today. The average THC content consistently reaches 27% and can go up to 33%! Containing mostly pure indica genetics, it is a highly sedative strain that is recommended for evening use. Once smoked, NL will put you down to an extremely relaxed stupor, relaxing all the muscles in the body and easing your mind. Users will find themselves in a dreamy state that is characterized by euphoria and happiness. It will be hard to not smile once you realize how great it is. Many users also report bouts of hunger but try not to overdo it! Sleepiness is very common and if you put yourself in a food coma, it’ll be almost impossible to stay awake.

Asides from the recreational effects, Northern Lights is a great medicinal strain. With its strong and sedating effects, it can treat conditions such as:

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Insomnia
  3. Depression
  4. Headaches
  5. Stress
  6. Loss of appetite

The side effects are often limited to dry mouth and dry eyes. pros


Short and stout and therefore a perfect choice to grow indoors since it does not occupy much space

  • Short flowering phase. On average Northern lights takes about 7-9 weeks to mature
  • High yielding marijuana plant. Northern lights are considered as the most popular high yielding compact marijuana plant around.
  • Northern lights is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa which makes it even more useful as it draws some unique characteristics from its Sativa genetics
  • Sweet taste
  • It provides a myriad of health benefits ranging from chronic numbing pain to combating mood disorders.


  •       Northern Lights is sedative and, therefore, can interfere with day’s activities if taken during the day

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