Master Kush Feminized


Plant type:80% indica 20% sativa

Plant size:Average

Flower weeks:10 weeks

Yields:21 0z per 3x3ft

Medical Uses:

THC: Up to 21%

CBD: <1%


Climate: indoor and outdoor

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Master Kush is the result of crossing two ancient indica mastodons from the Himalayas: the Hindu Kush and Skunk. It is a strain that respects her origins and in fact we can say that it is hard to find a strain that can match her.

The result of this cross is a super resinous, compact cannabis strain that produces huge amounts of trichomes. A favorite among growers who want to make their own hashish, she has long been an established fixture on the scene. The solid buds can be enjoyed in dry form, or smoked or vaped immediately.

Curious about the possibilities of our Master Kush seeds for your grow? Then read on!

Why you should buy feminized Master Kush seeds:

  • Pure Indica
  • Low odor during flowering
  • Grows to a height that is easy to control
  • Relaxing and long lasting high

How to grow Master Kush (Indoor and Outdoor)

Master Kush cannabis seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and grow into small, robust and compact plants. She is suitable for the more experienced grower who enjoys an exceptionally high quality weed.

Growing indoors gives excellent results without taking up too much space. She is also not susceptible to mistakes that can be made during cultivation. Nevertheless, she is not easy to grow. She needs to be pruned considerably to prevent the development of mold. Also, due to its limited fungal resistance, it does not tolerate too high humidity. Keep an eye on the humidity level during the cultivation!

Because she is winter hardy, she can withstand moderate climates and delivers excellent results outdoors. Moreover, her small size and short flowering time allow her to be grown discreetly and quickly. Finally, it is one of the most discreet cannabis varieties because it does not develop too many intense odors during its flowering.

Feminized Master Kush cannabis seeds only produce female plants, so you don’t have to worry about having to remove male plants.

Flowering time

Typical of an Indica, Master Kush’s flowering starts relatively early and lasts about 49 to 63 days.

Size of the plant

As mentioned, the Master Kush plant is a relatively small plant.

Indoors, she usually reaches a height of 100 to 120 cm. Outdoors, she tends to grow a little taller but will not easily exceed 160 cm.


In terms of yield, this variety is not the most productive Indica. Nevertheless, her yield will not disappoint you. Especially if quality is more important to you than quantity.

  • Maximum indoor yield 350 to 450 grams/m2
  • Maximum yield outdoors 450 to 550 grams/m2
Effects of Master Kush weed

Master Kush is one of the best varieties from the Hindu Kush mountain range and this is evident in the quality of the weed as well as the effects.

The effect is very physical. Typical of the kush, you will experience an enveloping and powerful stone that puts you in a kind of meditative state. The dreamlike and euphoric high envelops the brain from the first few puffs.

The stone settles quietly but surely. She relaxes the muscles to the depths and is a great weed for relaxing without falling asleep. Not for nothing is this herb smoked as part of meditative rituals in the countries where it originates.

She is also greatly appreciated among medicinal users for relieving pain without the ill effects of many prescription painkillers.

Side effects

Side effects of Master Kush are the usual dry eyes and/or mouth. At high doses, she may induce a slight feeling of dizziness or paranoia.

Smell and taste

Master Kush is typical of the flavors of the Himalayas and is undoubtedly reminiscent of the Charas and Afghan that come from this strain. In short, a kush as a kush should be.

Master Kush is known for its sweetly pungent earthy smell and taste that has woody, spicy undertones. When ready for harvest, the buds are covered in a thick layer of crystalline trichomes and pistils in stunning hues.

You’ll fall in love with the earthy flavor; interspersed with spicy almost peppery notes, it’s a special fresh and spicy flavor with fruity hints that is highly appreciated by Indica lovers.

The smoke is thick and pungent, again a sign of the origin of this plant. It may make you cough at first, but once you get used to it, you will fully appreciate the atypical and assumed flavors of this kush. Eventually the taste becomes soft and pleasant on the throat and also the smoke is sometimes a bit heavy and biting you will cough less.


Master Kush finds its origin in the Hindu Kush mountains. Anyone who knows anything about cannabis knows that the world’s best, pure Indica genotypes come from there.

Both ancestors (both the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1) are landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush, by the way, is a unique tetraploid strain, meaning she has four times as many haploid chromosomes as diploid cannabis strains.


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