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Lemon Diesel


Lemon Diesel is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing California Sour with Lost Coast OG. … Lemon Diesel is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing California Sour with Lost Coast OG. This strain produces effects that are relaxing but still allow you to be focused and coherent. The potent high is incredibly euphoric, uplifting and relaxing. Bruce Lemon Diesel is also great as a pain reliever and to lift your spirits after a hard day. At first, the effects are uplifting and euphoric.

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Lemon Diesel for sale is a 70% indica / 30% sativa hybrid strain focused on relaxation both mentally and physically. Originally created by Green Lantern Seeds, Lemon Diesel combines California Sour and Lost Coast OG, two hybrid strains that when crossed, result in a sweet, earthy strain with a strong body high. Lemon Diesel came in the top 10 of the Emerald Cup 2010, a prestigious growing competition that only considers the best of the best, but what is it that makes Lemon Diesel so special?

Lemon Diesel takes you on a journey, shifting from sativa-dominant effects which boost your mood and fill you with creative energy, to a full indica-driven body high which leaves you feeling like a marshmallow floating on a cloud. Lemon Diesel is unique in that its high can be described in almost clear phases that you move through, leaving one set of effects behind as you move on to the next.

Starting with its sativa effects, the high begins with a cheerful mood boost, causing your mind to feel free and euphoric. This sense of mental freedom leaves you almost unable to focus on negatives. As your worries slip away, you feel uplifted and overly cheerful. As the high develops and you adjust to your new positive outlook, you begin to feel an intense sense of focus and creativity. To fully benefit from this surge of creativity, it is recommended that you take Lemon Diesel during the afternoon, ensuring that you have the energy to truly benefit from this productivity boost. Tasks feel more leisurely, and you are able to stay focused for longer than you would normally find yourself able to.

As Lemon Diesel settles in, it begins to work its way through your body, and the indica effects of the strain start to take over and push the sativa mind high to one side. You will notice a gentle tingling feeling in your limbs that spreads across your body, leaving your entire body feeling relaxed. While the cheerful mindset that took hold at the beginning remains, the deep level of concentration and creativity starts to slip away, leaving you with a strong desire to put your work to one side and chill for the rest of the day. It is a good idea to plan ahead with Lemon Diesel and try to work your day so that you are at home for the second half of the high, or somewhere that you can just sit back and really appreciate the strain’s physical effects.

As the effects of Lemon Diesel begin to fade, you find yourself left in a peaceful trance with no strong desire to really do or think about anything that requires more than a basic level of energy. Depending on the time of day it is recommended that you allow your mind to drift off into a carefree sleep slowly, that will leave you feeling refreshed the next morning.

What can you expect from Lemon Diesel in terms of its aroma and flavor?

Aroma of lemon diesel strain

With a name like Lemon Diesel, it is hard to know what to expect in terms of aroma, with it being difficult to imagine the fruitiness of lemons mixing with the harshness of a gas station. Surprisingly the unusual mix of aromas works, resulting in one of those smells that, like Marmite, you either deeply love or deeply hate. If you are in the former category, you will find yourself craving the tangy harshness of Lemon Diesel.

Grinding Lemon Diesel, you start to notice a hint of skunk hidden under the freshness of the lemon and the rawness of the diesel. The subtle notes of skunk add to what is already a complex aroma and remind that this is, in fact, a marijuana strain and not a joke shop candy. Burning Lemon Diesel fills the air with a sweet, yet earthy smell that reminds you of sipping lemonade on a summers evening around the campfire just waiting for the wind to cool down.

How does Lemon Diesel’s flavor compare?

Flavor of lemon sour diesel

The initial flavor profile of Lemon Diesel is just what you would expect given its name and citrusy aroma, as the smoke hits your tongue you first notice a sweet lemon taste that fills you with a sense of freshness. As the flavor lingers on your tongue, it develops, and pungent diesel bitterness mixes with the lemon, similar to a sour candy.

Exhaling leaves an interesting aftertaste; a mix of harsh chemicals that almost leave you wanting to wash your mouth out, blended with notes of sweet citrus. Just like Lemon Diesel’s aroma, this is a flavor that you either love or hate – there is no real in between. If you are in the former category, you will find yourself wanting just one more drag for that sweet yet harsh tang that fills your mouth.

What can you expect from Lemon Diesel in terms of its appearance?

Appearance of lemon sour diesel strain

Buy Lemon Diesel online us has very dense, small buds that appear almost hidden under the plant’s long leaves. The buds have an almost washed-out light green color to them, with thin orange strands that add a hint of brightness. The leaves on a Lemon Diesel plant really are the star of the show, with purple and gray swirls that work their way through the leaves; combined with their length, your eyes cannot help but be drawn to them.

Lemon Diesel is an elegantly shaped plant. Taller than other strains, it towers over those growing around it. In contrast to its height, Lemon Diesel does not grow wide, giving an impression of power which scarily reminds you of authoritarian cartoon characters that are unnaturally tall and stick-like in shape.

So, how can you successfully grow your own Lemon Diesel plant at home?

Lemon Diesel Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Lemon Diesel can be grown by both hobbyists and professionals alike as a result of the minimal maintenance that the plant requires to grow to its full potential. Lemon Diesel is a strain that can be grown in most climates and actually responds positively to colder climates, causing the purple coloring on the leaves to brighten and become more prominent.lemon diesel for sale.

It is important to carefully consider where you plant Lemon Diesel, as the plant will suddenly shoot up towards the end of the flowering stage. This could cause potential problems if you are planning to grow outside but want to avoid a sudden towering marijuana plant that stands out from the rest of the plants in your garden and attracts the attention of nosey neighbors. The fact that Lemon Diesel remains a rather compact plant until so late in its growth cycle can make it an ideal plant to grow in confined indoor spaces. It will happily grow in a packed cupboard until just a few weeks before harvesting, at which point you can easily drag it out and give it the space that it needs to flourish.

Lemon Diesel has a relatively short flowering time with indoor plants being ready to harvest between seven and nine weeks. When grown outside you can expect plants to be ready for harvesting around early to mid-October. If the effects of Lemon Diesel are just too tempting to wait for and you find yourself needing to experience the strain’s exotic sweet diesel flavor, the good news is you can speed up the growing process using the sea of green technique. Unlike many strains, Lemon Diesel responds exceptionally well to this technique resulting in a much shorter flowering time.

Before you invest your time and money into growing Lemon Diesel, you might be wondering what levels of THC and CBD you can expect.

THC Content – Highest Test lemon diesel 

The level of THC found in Lemon Diesel varies depending on which lab reports you read and who you trust. Strangely for a THC heavy plant, there is a lack of agreement within the industry. At its lowest, there have been reports that Lemon Diesel contains 13% THC, while at the other end of the spectrum there are claims that it actually contains 17% THC. As all of these figures are within the mid-teens, this has not proven to be a real problem for Lemon Diesel and it’s ever-growing popularity.

How does its CBD content compare?

Lemon diesel CBD Content – Highest Test

As would be expected Lemon Diesel has less than 1% CBD, with some lab reports showing as little as 0.23% CBD. Given that the THC content of Lemon Diesel is in the average to high range for a hybrid, you would not expect more than trace amounts of CBD to be present.

What is surprising is that despite having such a low level of CBD, Lemon Diesel still has a number of medical benefits that firmly place it on the list of strains worth considering for medicinal use. You might be wondering what these medical benefits are, so let’s take a closer look.

Medical Benefits of this strain

Due to its mind-clearing effects which leave you feeling uplifted and almost unable to make space in your brain for anything even remotely negative, Lemon Diesel is often recommended for those who suffer from either stress or depression. Just a few puffs of Lemon Diesel can leave you feeling in control of your own thoughts and able to focus on the positives within your life.

The clear-headed effects of Lemon Diesel also make it an excellent strain for combating Insomnia, especially when caused by anxiety surrounding sleep and difficulty getting your brain to switch off for the night. When smoked in larger doses during the evening, you are overcome with both a mental and physical sense of relaxation so deep that you will find yourself falling into a deep sleep before your head even hits the pillow.

Being an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong focus on its physical effects, Lemon Diesel can be used as an effective pain medication for minor aches and pains. The numbing feeling that works its way through your body provides a few hours of pleasant pain relief in much the same way as over the counter painkillers, without any of the harmful chemicals.

Lemon Diesel can be used as an appetite enhancer, ideal for pairing with medications that suppress your appetite and leave you unable to enjoy even your favorite meals.

As with almost every strain, Lemon Diesel comes with a number of potential side effects, but what kinds of things exactly should you expect?

Possible Side Effects

Lemon Diesel has a rather short list of possible side effects, another reason why it is so popular as a medicinal strain. The two most common side effects of Lemon Diesel are dry mouth and dry eyes, both of which tend to only last for a few hours, and while annoying at the time, they have no long-lasting impact on your health.

Less common side effects include a sudden feeling of dizziness and the potential for paranoid thoughts. While both might seem slightly daunting at first, it is worth noting that less than 10% of people who smoke Lemon Diesel will experience these effects and that they usually wear off within a few short hours.


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