Jack Herer Autoflowering

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Jack Herer Autoflowering

Jack Herer is one of the most popular regular photoperiod strains out there and since in the last couple of years autoflowers have become very popular amongst new growers, seed breeders have crossbred the original Jack Herer with ruderalis genetics creating auto Jack Herer. This plant is a middle of the range grower with average yield and average growth but that is a good thing as this is not one of those bonsai plants and not a super auto that will grow huge. You can get up to 120 grams per plant and the height is usually from 40 to 90 cm so you can grow this strain in smaller cabinets as well as full-fledged grow rooms


Jack Herer Autoflower strain is a Sativa dominant plant with about 40% sativa, 30% Indica and 30% ruderalis genetics and that gives Jack Herer auto this advantage of being autoflowering plant but still giving a great yield.

The original Jack Herer plant is a crossbreed of Northern Lights and Haze plants and that means strong genetic makeup and great growth. Today you can find many different Jack Herer autoflowering seeds from many different seed breeders like Royal Queen seeds, Female seeds as well as Advanced Seeds and Greenhouse seeds and you have to look around before buying this plant. In general all these seed breeds are almost the same and they have only small variations in their growth. The original Jack Herer strain was created in honor of the cannabis activist with the same name who created one of the best selling cannabis books “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and was also called Emperor of Hemp. And this autoflowering cross is a great legacy to a strain with great heritage and humble beginnings that is named after a great person.

Auto Jack Herer growing

Jack Herer autoflowering strain is an easy plant to grow and I have seen great results from indoor and outdoor grows as well as some low light balcony grows and even first time growers can get a decent yield from this plant. This autoflowering strain usually takes from 65 to 80 days from germination till harvest and depending on the grow room conditions and the genetics you can get your buds ready in that time period. I have seen some early harvests on day 65 and some great buds on day 75 so the average age is about 70 days. And because that is a bit more than some super fast autoflower strains Jack Herer will give you a bit more yield and gan give up to 120 grams in optimum growing conditions but usually the yield is anywhere from 20 to 60 grams per plant. Of course if you use CFL lights and a small pot the yield can be greatly diminished but you should still get a couple of dry grams at the end of your plants growth. Auto Jack Herer is a great strain for first time growers as it is very resistant to pests and can tolerate stress caused by inexperienced growers like under or overwatering or too much or too little nutrients. You can even use some LST methods and even HST like topping if you want but the best results can be achieved with an organic growth without any training. Autoflowering Jack Herer can be grown either indoors or outdoors and as well as in soil, soilless mix and hydroponically but of course the best results usually are from hydroponic growth but that requires a lot of equipment and specific knowledge. For first time growers you can just take these Auto Jack Herer seeds and put them in the soil that is potted in a 2 or 3 gallon(7 to 11 liter) pot and after the initial seedling growth phase start adding some ¼ strength nutrients and you should have a great harvest after 2 and a half months!

Yield and harvest

Jack Herer Auto Flowering plant as I mentioned earlier will be ready to harvest in about 65 to 80 days with the average time being around 70 days from sprouting. You should harvest your plant only after about half of the trichomes have turned amber if you want to get that 15% THC mark that breeders specify on the packaging. Because this strain has some ruderalis genetics then the CBD as well as CBN ratios will be a bit higher and that is great for medical users and if you wan to get a more “body” high then you can let the plant mature a bit more till about 70% of the trichomes have turned amber. Because Jack Herer is sativa dominant strain the buds will be a bit more widely spaced and that means that the harvest will be easier and you will have more room to cut down those fan leafs and to manicure those dense buds as well as there will be lower chance of molds in those bud sites.


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