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Purple Hindu Kush Strain is an entrancing and unwinding pure indica that is long lasting and has a heavy bodily impact. This pure plant should be approached with caution by novices, but is sure to be enjoyed fully by ore experienced connoisseurs.

Purple Hindu Kush is a California-born cross of Purple Afghani, mixed with Hindu Kush, creating a strong and pure indicia sedative that has garnered fans all over. This strain makes for an ideal way to close off the day and delve into a long night into a restful state.

This blissful purebred strain originates from Oakland and is said to be one of the most powerful and potent strains in the world. Its THClevels linger in the 20% with a fair chance of that sometimes being higher. Purple Hindu Kush is an indulging strain that is all about total and utter relaxation without end.


Purple Hindu Kush Strain provides a deep body-numbing sensation that will unwind you like no other. This pure indica creates an invigorating and relaxing mood in you that will allow you to let go of all the heavy things that may be weighing you down, making you feel inspired.

This strain is often used as a way to fall asleep more quickly, and to ensure that you stay asleep and are rested afterwards. Purple Hindu Kush has near-narcotic effects that can undo any muscle tension you may be feeling, leaving you relieved of those aches and more content.

Purple Hindu Kush is a sweet and pungent flower that is extremely inviting, and its presence alone will make you feel enticed and euphoric. This pure indica has a way of turning anyone’s frown upside down, allowing you to feel happier, but also leaving you with a slight craving for some snacks, as it greatly induces the munchies.


Purple Hindu Kush is an earthy-smelling bud that will fill any room with its sweetness. It carries a strong grape and berry aroma, mixed in with a certain spiciness to shake things up. A pungent and earthy undertone can be detected in its fragrance too.


Purple Hindu Kush tastes like an absolute treat, with a fresh and sweet fruity taste in its inhale. Its smoke contains a sour grape flavor that will reel you in, with a creaminess that tastes like sweet berries upon the exhale, leaving a sweet and sticky flavor on your lips


Purple Hindu Kush is a very reliable medicinal strain, with many uses for the treatments of ailments. This pure indica is one of the best strains to consider for managing symptoms of chronic stress and its other debilitating effects.

This pure indica is also the ideal choice for long time sufferers of sleeplessness. Purple Hindu Kush can put even the heaviest ape down, as this strong sedative strain has highly narcotic effects that can easily relax you from head to toe, tempting you to fall into deep sleep.

Purple Hindu Kush is an ideal choice in the treatment of pain and depression too as it can help you suppress mental and physical pain and make you feel more refreshed in general. If you struggle with nausea,


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