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Also known as Gelato 33 or Larry Bird, Gelato cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant cross of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, bred by Sherbinskis in San Francisco. This delicious cultivar has a sweet, fruity flavor with a creamy finish.


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The effects of this strain  are known to have a borderline sedating effect. This hybrid balances the Indica and Sativa properties with ease, while leaning towards the proverbial Indica couch lock, without keeping you stuck, so to speak. Cognitive effects make impact within seconds, leading to a powerful euphoric wave and mind numbing haziness. Its popularly potent aftermath gives way to extreme physical relaxation, especially in the muscles, making it a great strain for pain and muscle spasms. Your thoughts may linger in a dreamy buzz, possibly inspiring creativity. Other conditions that Gelato Cake is recommended to treat are nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, and insomnia

Although a newbie strain, this strain  walks on the field with an old school attitude that could easily gain it a permanent place among your favorite go to strains. Immensely impressed with this merger of genetic highflyers, this is a CannaCritic MUST try! Until next time,remember, always medicate responsibly and stay Lit Oklahoma.


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