Evolution Cyclone Glass Hybrid Recycler Dab Rig



Evolution Cyclone Glass Hybrid Recycler Dab Rig

Evolution takes glass to the next level with an amazing selection of glass smoke gear. The Cyclone Glass Hybrid Recycler Dab rig is part of their marvelous collection and a fine example of their innovative designs. Equipped with features, such as: a reinforced downstem, a slitted showerhead percolator, a HoneyComb disc percolator, a recycling chamber, stable tripod feet and a slightly bent mouthpiece, designed to seamlessly work together to provide you with nothing less than an unparalleled smoking experience.

As you inhale, the smoke travels from the reinforced downstem into the showerhead percolator. The numerous slits in the showerhead percolator divide the smoke and spread it out into the water, creating an unbelievable amount of bubbles, which is not only fun to watch, but cools down the smoke significantly, for a gentle hit packed with flavor.

But that is just the beginning, as the smoke moves upwards it gets filtered again through the countless holes of the HoneyComb disc percolator. As if that is not enough to smoothen, soften and cool your smoke, the recycler chamber swirls the smoke for extra cooling and pushes it downwards again through the recycler tube for another round of filtration.

The Cyclone Glass Hybrid Recycler Dab rig by Evolution features a reinforced fixed downstem with a 14.5mm male joint and comes delivered with a complete set of bowl attachments with female joints, which not only makes it compatible with concentrates, but also with essential oil and herbs. Included with your purchase are: a vapor dome with quartz nail, a quartz banger and a herb bowl with handle for easy lifting.

Colored accents on the mouthpiece, tripod feet, the joint, showerhead percolator and on the vapor dome give this bong an even more sophisticated appearance. An Evolution decal can be found on the body of the rig, so you know you got the real deal. It is available with the colored accents in apple green, dark blue, light blue, red, yellow, pink, purple and white, so there is bound to be a color to suit your style.

So if you like to switch between concentrates and herbs every now and then and you are looking for a quality piece of glass to smoke them from, look no further, you have found your match. Select your favorite color in the drop down menu and place your order now.DOGS OF CANNABIS

The Benefits Of Using Dab Rigs

Bongs are designed for smoking dried herb, while dab rigs are for smoking dabs, or concentrated oils and waxes (which are sometimes made from herbs). So let’s say that you have the choice to smoke your choice of herbs dried from a bong or in the form of an oil or wax from a dab rig? Which is better?

Users who have tried both tend to agree that dab rigs provide a better, quicker and more efficient user experience. This is because the vapors that are created by dab rigs are more concentrated than those created by a bong. You get more bang for your buck, so to speak, with dab rigs. Just a little bit of product provides you with the flavor and experience you crave with better delivery. Plus, there is the convenience factor: you don’t need water (although, if you like, there are water models available) and your product volume will be much smaller. Additionally, you have greater control over temperature (which is important when it comes to the quality of the vapor that is produced) when using dab rigs.​


SKU BB1126
Brand Evolution
Diffuser Type Showerhead
Joint Size 14.5 mm
Height 25 cm / 9.75 inches
Material Glass
Color clear
Percolator Type Disc Perc, Honeycomb Perc, Showerhead Perc


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