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Durban Poison is a strain of pure sativa that originated in South Africa, within the city of Durban, to be specific. It is best known for its sweet aroma, as well as for the uplifting mental effect it creates. … Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain; it does not include any elements of indica.  Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity.Having a brain full of this Sativa, Durban Poison fans report this strain uplifts their mood, makes them happy, euphoric and focused. … Many loyal Durban Poison weed users claim the strain offers relief from stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and headaches.

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This South African originating landrace strain may be called Durban Poison for sale online usa, but luckily it is completely non-toxic. With a menacing name that hints at its powerful psychoactivity, Durban Poison is a pure South African sativa landrace. The global favorite, Durban Poison, is a pure sativa cannabis strain that’s known for its pleasurable sweet, earthy and piney smell. Buy Durban Poison Strain online usa is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea.

Buy Durban Poison online Canada is a Sativa dominant strain with a unique, appealing aroma. It is known for its spicy, hazy taste with hints of aniseed, liquorice. Known for being one of the most energetic and cerebral varieties around, Durban Poison strain for sale online is said to contain high levels of THC-V. Because of its pure sativa lineage, Durban Poison near me for sale lends itself better to treating mental conditions, rather than physical ones. Buy Durban Poison strain Canada is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain named after the South African port city that it originated in DURBAN.

Durban Poison Strain For Sale Online USA Benefits.

Those who are experiencing stress, depression, and anxiety can benefit wonderfully from Durban Poison’s medicinal ability to calm down. Buy Durban Poison online United Kingdom can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease. Any medical benefits are more mental than physical. Durban Poison for sale usa is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea.

Offering an uplifting, clear function effect that stimulates creativity, social ability and your mood in general, Durban Poison is a popular strain. Durban poison is an award-winning Sativa strain that’s highly prized for its unique citrus flavor with a bit of spicy hashish Known for being one of the most energetic and cerebral varieties around, Durban Poison is said to contain high levels of THC-V.

 Durban Poison works as a medical marijuana strain, with high THC levels of at least 16% and up to 22% and CBD levels of around 0.2%. Medical uses for the Durban Poison strain will help users with headaches, stress, and fatigue. Most users reported that effects are like a cup of coffee.

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21 reviews for Durban Poison Strain

  1. Danny J. Kresge

    When your friends tell you they wanna get high, then treat them to this delicious indica for some very relaxing vibes. I smoke it almost every night to help me deal with depression and anxiety. I enjoy it’s full flavor, it’s sticky, dark-green buds, and its amazing, sweet flavor. I burn through this all night every night, and I am very ready to start growing my next batch, which should be due in spring 🙂

  2. Brenda J. Boylan

    This weed is like a cup of coffee in a bowl! I smoke this and instantly have a lot of energy coursing through my veins…excellent stuff, and totally a good buy for the price. Ordered online too, and look at it now, it looks amazing, so filled with color and light and perfect for sharing with friends, it’s a dream come true!!!

  3. Benjamin D. Moore

    I love smoking weed with my friends. It’s the best way to celebrate a Friday night, and it helps with all kinds of stress. I definitely appreciate the vibes and the price as well. It’s really affordable stuff, which is great for a guy like me who doesn’t have a lot of cash. I am pretty stoked for the next harvest, last time I got like 600 grams!!!

  4. Sara R. Lindenberg

    Soooooo relaxing!!! I grew up in Hawaii and out there, we are always relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun before hitting the waves with our boards. I am so thrilled to have this weed in my life, and the mental health benefits are incalculable. Gcs has an excellent online order system, and their customer service team has been a great help. I know I’ll be back for more pot seeds. Best in the USA!

  5. Steven P. Barratt

    MMmm very energizing, like a cup of coffee in the morning, but BETTER! I smoke this stuff every day to just curb my fatigue and feel much more excited about life! I got baked and baked my mom a cake, she loved it!! I feel so motivated on this earthy indica strain, and I recommend it to anyone who just loves marijuana!!!

  6. Ruth N. Marin

    Mmmmm This weed feels exotic….and it makes your brain feel truly amazing…like you’re a performer in Vegas and you can do anything!!!! That’s always been my dream….to work in vegas with the animals, but that’s besides the point, I just like the flavor of this weed and how crazy and uplifitng it all feels. Definitely gonna buy more though cause my stash is running out!

  7. Kathleen J. Snow

    This will never be better than it is right now…this stuff is fresh, it is green, it is sticky and it is DANK!!! I am really super excited about this homegrown herb. I started it back in my basement a few months back and it’s been doing pretty darn well so far, looks AMAZING in my basement under all the grow lights and everything. What a great buy, and it was so easy to do online!!!!

  8. Clifford E. Hernandez

    Thought this weed was gonna wear me out, but it did nothing but make me feel energized and super light. Thought it was gonna be hard to grow…wrong again, it was very easy to grow. Thought it was gonna take a long time to ship. Wrong a third time, shipped out in a week. Okay okay, this weed is bomb. Great mj seeds from DOGS OF CANNABIS

  9. Timothy K. Hill

    This weed is all kinds of amazing, it helps with stress and depression and gives me a great little head buzz in the evening to get me excited about the day. Have been smoking this weed for ages though, and this was my first time growing it. Gotta have this stuff around ALL THE TIME! It’s the best way to de-stress and really helps me stay social too, great buy yall!

  10. Christina R. Foster

    This was my go-to strain with all my buddies in college. We sure had some good times. Smoking and drinking and enjoying the durban poison strain. This time I am growing my own and can share with my new West Coast buddies, which has been pretty rad. I really like the smell and taste and absolutely can’t wait to be burning this stuff tonight!!!

  11. Danielle P. Richardson

    The poison is BOSS baby!! This weed kicks total ass!!! I get huge rips off my BONG, and I smoke until the crack of DAWN, listening to Welcome to Miami. Amazing stuff guys, so fast to deliver and easy to order online, and definitely gonna rock your world. Plus it’s great to be in the garden.

  12. David A. Gingras

    This weed is a really nice strain, helps with stress and depression, makes me feel really good about myself too, I can’t help but be satisfied with this product because it always works. It smells suuuper funky and the weed is fresher than anything I have ever smoked. Very exciting stuff, can’t wait to buy more, definitely a good purchase every time!!!

  13. Avery C. Lin

    This is some funky weed, I am tellin ya! Very strong vibes, but also a nice and smooth smoke that gets me pretty dang baked every single time. It’s a good strain for when you are stressed out…helps when you are depressed as well. I don’t smoke too much though because I get pretty sleepy. But I’ve been happy overall, makes my life that much better, can’t wait to share with friends when the pandemic is over.

  14. Dianne A. Bell

    I have some serious headaches at night after I stare at my computer screen all day. Durban is just the poison I need to feel better. I light up a bowl of this marijuana and just chill out in my basement, watching netflx or HBO…sometimes my girlfriend comes over and we get high together. Definitely feeling good about this strain, will buy more!

  15. James B. Webb

    Best sativa and if you really want something to do you’ll cross it with blueberry and get yourself some blueberry yum yum ….The Lil Gnome Sultan ..

  16. Frankie T. Grow

    This durban poison strain smells amazing and it makes me feel pretty special too. Get very stoned and just watch the world go by, I am pretty baked right now even, as I am writing this, and I got some pizza rolls in the oven, which is awesome in and of itself. I feel like a 10 year old, so that’s chill, but I at least can grow my own pot now. Have a great feeling about the year ahead!!

  17. Hugo R. Helton

    Wow I was truly blown away by this indica heavy strain…helps me relax like nothing else. I smoke it out of my hookah believe it or noth, and I feel pretty remarkably awesome by it…gonna buy this weed online from GCS for the rest of my life…such a DOPE time. AND it saves you a ton of money at the dispensary….love the vibe and all the good things of the world that come from weed, and it makes me happy, I love PIZZA!!!

  18. Amber S. Henderson

    I worked hard to get this strain to produce as much as it did, babying these plants was a little tedious and also a little bit fun. I ordered online and had the stuff delivered, made for a great summer project, and now that quarantine is upon us again, it’s so nice knowing there’s some homegrown pot in a jar in the closet!!! Smells sweet and earthy and the buzz is very grounding!

  19. Ken M. Hooper

    This durban poison is rocking and amazing….gets me nice and stoned and is a very relaxing vibe….I looooove the taste of weed in my mouth and the way it burns my throat. I had a little trouble getting this weed to grow but I eventually got it going and had a nice yield from it too. A very exciting time. Gonna definitely buy more!!!

  20. Paul F. Roth

    Well, if you haven’t tried out this strain of marijuana I don’t know what you are waiting for. This stuff is intense for sure, but it’s also very chill and relaxing, helps with stress and pain and offers me some nice buzz during the afternoon. I have been very excited to work with this weed in the backyard, nice for trimming and smoking and making a good time with during the pandemic, plus you get a ton of nug to smoke!

  21. Patrick W. Deason

    This is some fancy weed, like top-shelf stuff. Has a VERY funky taste, pretty wild and wonderful and makes my fingers feel all sensitive and tingly….Yummm, what a great strain, never fails to put me in a great mood, cause this hybrid is where it’s at, a sweet and pungent flavor, you can smell it down the street. Trust me you willNOT regret this purchase.

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