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G13 Strain

G13 strain got its name from its parent strains, G13 and Haze. The result of this powerful cross is an uplifting strain that also packs some intense physical effects.

Buy G13 weed strain was initially created as a medical strain, and this is something that has been carried over to G13 Haze strain with it performing equally as a recreational and medicinal strain. Haze, on the other hand, is a much-loved sativa, known for its uplifting mental high. G13 weed strain combines these two very different strains to result in a truly unique experience.

Given G13 Haze’s strong, full-bodied effects, it is no surprise to learn that it has a 70% indica / 30% sativa split. The 30% sativa is still powerful enough to shine through in the form of a mood-boosting mental high; however, G13 Haze weed is still very much about its physical effects.


The effects of G13 Haze weed take hold quickly, starting with a wave of euphoria. Shortly after, the physical effects become noticeable as a pleasant tingling sensation spreads across your body.

Just a few puffs of G13 Haze is enough to leave you feeling physically sedated and mentally spacey. For those who take a large dose, it can be challenging to stay awake, and you might find yourself spending a large part of the high drifting in and out of sleep.

Due to the strain’s power, it is not ideal for beginners and should be reserved for those with a little more experience who know that they can handle an intense strain. Its higher than average THC content can cause less experienced users to feel overwhelmed and unable to enjoy G13 Haze’s effects to their full potential.

G13 Haze weed is best enjoyed during the lazy afternoon or relaxed evenings, when you do not have any commitments and can just zone out. G13 Haze’s high is on the longer side, and so it is always a good idea to make sure that you have the rest of the day set aside so that you have enough time to enjoy the strain.

Experienced marijuana users will not be surprised to learn that the most common side effect when smoking G13 Haze is dry mouth. A side effect that can sometimes feel almost impossible to avoid, dry mouth causes the inside of your mouth to feel intensely dehydrated and irritated. While annoying, the good news is that dry mouth only lasts a few hours and has no severe impact on your health.Mango g13 strain.

Given the high THC content of G13 Haze, you would expect paranoid thoughts and sudden dizzy spells to be top of the list when it comes to side effects. But this is surprisingly not the case. Instead, these, sometimes scary side effects, only occur in rare cases. The chances of experiencing such effects increase with a higher dose. Lemon g13 strain.

Much less common than dry mouth is dry eyes. This only occurs in a small number of cases but can cause your eyes to feel dry and sore for a few hours after smoking. Just like dry mouth, there are no long-lasting effects, making dry eyes more of an annoyance than a real health concern.

Medical Benefits of the G13 Strain

While G13 Haze weed might be famous for its intense high, it is also a potent medical strain with a number of different health benefits. Being a strain that mainly focuses on its physical effects, many of the reasons to consider G13 Haze as a medicinal strain are physical health conditions.

Top of the list is chronic pain and inflammation. The two are closely linked as inflammation can very often cause chronic pain. The numbing effects of G13 Haze and its ability to completely relax your entire body make it a great option for tackling pain.

Whether you struggle with achy muscles after a long gym workout, or you suffer from chronic and unmanageable pain, G13 Haze has the potential to help.

G13 Haze also helps when it comes to insomnia caused by pain. Lying in bed and trying to ignore an excruciating headache can make it exceedingly difficult to get to sleep. G13 Haze acts on two levels, firstly numbing pain before its sedative effects cause you to feel sleepy and drift off with ease.

Some people have found that G13 Haze helps to increase their appetite. This can be useful for those who are undergoing treatments that suppress their appetite or for people who suffer from food-related anxieties.

The health benefits of G13 Haze weed are not purely limited to its physical effects. It can also help to manage the impact of stress and anxiety. The initial results of G13 Haze lift your body and leave you feeling mentally calm. This allows you to push negative and anxiety-inducing thoughts away and focus on the positive.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most strains, there are a number of potential side effects that it is essential to be aware of. So, what should you look out for when taking G13 Haze?


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