Banana OG Strain For Sale online usa is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The result is a strain that tastes and smells like a bushel,Buy Banana OG Online usa is an easy choice for anyone who likes banana Runts, taffy and all that other dull, chalky candy crap, but hints of sour acidity, tropical fruit. Banana OG Strain for sale Canada is an indica-leaning hybrid with an unusual aroma: when properly cured, flowers of this strain have the subtle scent and flavor of banana. Weed for sale usa
Banana OG strain near me is an Indica-dominant cross of OG Kush x Banana, that recently lab-tested at 25.46% THCa and 0.76% CBDa. … This strain really does taste and smell just like banana. Banana OG is a hybrid cultivated by West Coast breeder OrgnKid, who won a bag of seeds in an auction on Seed Bay. Banana OG online usa is a cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant and derives its name from its scent of over-ripe bananas. Buy weed online near me