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Category: Auto Flowering

Auto Flowering


What is autoflowering seeds for sale usa?

We offer a selection of the very best autoflowering seeds, each guaranteed to germinate and produce strong, stable female-only plants, capable of flowering regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive.

Unlike traditional seeds that require set, regular hours of darkness to flower, bud and mature, autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously, reducing the overall time from germination to harvest to an absolute minimum.

The heaviest yields and best quality buds are achieved during the very height of Summer, when the plant receives as many hours of natural daylight as possible. Their ability to flower, even under twenty-four light makes them a perfect outdoor choice.

The highest quality genetics ensure discreet, compact plants, capable of quality harvests in the fastest time possible. The number #1 choice for ‘guerrilla-growers’ across the USA during the Summer months, with guaranteed delivery and germination assured with every purchase.

Whether you’re new to growing or a seasoned veteran, you can buy Marijuana seeds online and receive all the help and support you may need from purchase through to harvest, here at Marijuana Seeds US.


As of January 2020, online vendors offer more than 1000 autoflowering strains with Sensi Skunk Automatic [8], Amnesia XXL Automatic [9], Big Bang Auto [10] and Zkittlez Auto [11] being the most sold varieties in the market. Most of these strains can be identified by the presence of “Auto” or “Automatic” (such as with the Gorilla Cookies Auto bred by Fast Buds [12]) in their names.

Advantages of autoflowering seeds

The newly produced strains of autoflowering cannabis have proven that they can produce quality medicine comparable with classical short-day strains. Breeders have reported THC content around 25% in some newer varieties while many varieties also have high CBD content.[13] The advantages that autoflower breeders report with their plants include:

  • Short life span with many going from seed to harvest in under 13 weeks (some as short as seven weeks)
  • Can be kept short in stature for “stealth” growing
  • The Cannabis ruderalis heritage causes flowering after 2–3 weeks from germination
  • No need for a separate vegetative and flowering environment (unlike with photoperiod dependent/ short-day strains)
  • Simple seed production, one plant can produce several hundred seeds even at 1 foot (30.5 cm) tall
  • Due to short life span can be grown in cold climates where summers are short and cold[14]
  • Can produce multiple harvests outdoors in one season.

Disadvantages of autoflowering seeds

Creating true autoflowering seed from two quality, true breeding autoflowering parent plants is easy for most.[16] Breeding new strains becomes more difficult when attempting to make a hybrid with a non-autoflowering strain. Some photoperiod/short-day cannabis strains are heterogeneous – containing the recessive day-neutral or  genetics along with the dominant short-day genetics. However a proper list of such strains is not yet available so most breeders treat all short-day plants as homozygous dominant.

A true autoflower is homozygous recessive[17] for the day neutral genetics. Therefore, most crosses between classical photoperiod/short-day strains and autoflowers produce few or no autoflower progeny in the F1 generation. Regardless of whether the F1 generation produces autoflowering plants, the higher performing and similar plants need to be recrossed. This F2 generation will contain approximately 25% of homozygous recessive plants which are autoflowering. Still the few autoflowers produced are not always stable and may require further stabilization. Further complexities with stabilizing  has previously led to non-autoflowering and low quality strains making it into the market.

Yield factors for autoflowering seed strains

In terms of turnover, these seeds are capable of producing reasonably sized yields even with a less intense light source. However, the general rule that the greater the light intensity, the better the results, holds true here too. It should also be remembered that how much these types will give is governed by the final size of the plant – a windowsill crop of virtually dwarf cannabis is never going to produce as much as it would in large pots under high-intensity light. In general, however, the amount of bud eventually gleaned from seeds in this section is favourably comparable with that of regular or feminized seeds from the same variety.

Higher THC levels

This is the first group of varieties to produce superior bud featuring elevated cannabinoid levels without the need for intense light during set, consistent periods of time. Whether using artificial light or sunlight, care and attention was always required in matters of timing the plants’ exposure to it, and ensuring that the hours of darkness really were dark. Light pollution from even minor sources has been known to confuse their internal ‘clocks’ as to whether they are supposed to be vegetating or blooming.

Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, are able to complete their life cycle regardless of how long the days are, although at least eighteen hours of light will give the best results. Unlike regular seeds, ‘auto’ seeds grow crops that do not need to undergo the usual cycle of 12 hours of light alternating with 12 hours of darkness in order to bloom successfully, whether they are indica, sativa or hybrid. They seem virtually immune to light pollution, tolerating irregular and unpredictable periods of light and darkness with impunity. Outdoor gardeners with short summers can wait until the warmest weeks to cultivate their automatic cannabis seed crop, safe in the knowledge that most of these hours will fuel the flower production, not the vegetation, period.

How is cannabis able to flower automatically?

This essential characteristic evolved as a necessity for survival in the harsh, inhospitable areas of central Russia where Cannabis Ruderalis, the original autoflowering strain that bred this almost magical ability, originated. Lacking the longer, warmer summers of the Indian continent or the tropical and equatorial zones where (respectively) Indica and Sativa evolved, their relative did not have the luxury of being able to wait for the change in light cycles that signal the beginning of summer to start flowering – the weather would become cold enough to kill the plants before pollination and seeding could take place. Instead, it had to begin flowering as soon as it was old enough in order to have enough time to complete the reproductive cycle and make new seeds. Breeders immediately saw the advantage of this for other strains, and began breeding seeds with this ability to ‘auto flower’.

Ideal for beginners

Complete novices to the art of gardening who wish to start with cannabis as their first attempt are advised to consider the benefits of autoflowering seeds. The filters can be used to easily view them according to the yield, flowering time, height gain, price, indica or sativa dominance, and so forth. Seeds are available in 5 and 10 seeds per pack sizes, and some kinds can also be bought in 3 per pack and 25 per pack sizes.buy magic mushrooms online in london UK, buy psychedelic shrooms online in uk  buy adderall online in melbourne australia buy adderall online in Canada. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .buy magic mushrooms online in uk

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  • Cheese Autoflowering


    Buy Cheese Autoflowering Online An indica-dominant hybrid originating in the UK, Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds have all the properties of the popular feminized Cheese strain, with the added benefit of an automatic flowering cycle. Best Cheese Strains Thanks to the addition of the cannabis species ruderalis, Cheese Auto-Flowering switches from the preliminary vegetative stage to …

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  • Diesel Autoflowering

    Genetic Autoflowering Indica / Sativa
    Parents Sour Diesel x Haze 2.0 Auto
    Flowering period 70 days from seed to harvest
    THC% Average
    CBD% Unknown
    Indoor yield 400-450g / m²
    Indoor height Average
    Outdoor performance 50-170g / plant
    Outdoor height 75-160cm
    Available as Feminized seeds
    Seed bank Dogs of cannabis
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  • Jack Herer Autoflowering Jack Herer is one of the most popular regular photoperiod strains out there and since in the last couple of years autoflowers have become very popular amongst new growers, seed breeders have crossbred the original Jack Herer with ruderalis genetics creating auto Jack Herer. This plant is a middle of the range …

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  • Northern Light Autoflowering


    Buy Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online The original Northern Lights strain from which our feminized cannabis seeds was derived, was bred as 11 separate plants, three of which were designated the best of the best. The Growers Choice auto-flowering variety of Northern Lights was developed from these choice varieties, paired with the genes …

    Northern Light AutofloweringRead More

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  • OG Kush Autoflowering


    OG Kush seeds is arguably one of the best cannabis cultivars available, and is very popular for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Even better, it’s a sturdy and resilient plant that beginners can cultivate easily. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a location with a suitable climate – and that’s where these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. come into play.OG Kush deserves a place in every grower’s garden, wherever they are in the world. These seeds do not depend on light cycles to flourish, and besides allowing cultivators to sow at virtually any time of the year, they also have a fast growth rate.

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  • Pineapple Express Auto is a very hardy strain that does well both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its strong resistance to mold, this strain is particularly good for new growers interested in improving their sativa grow techniques without worrying about wasting feminized seeds . Yields are great, clocking in at about 600g / m2 indoors and up to 100 grams per plant outside. Best of all, the total lifespan for this strain is about 10 weeks, at which point you’ll be harvesting some delicious herb.

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  • Skunk Autoflowering


    The combined genetics of Super Skunk and a premium Ruderalis results in robust plants with a short flowering time of around seven weeks. The plants will automatically begin blooming around six weeks after germination. Super Skunk is a relatively easy strain to grow , even for the amateur growers. It is a super strain also because it can withstand many environmental conditions, making it a real breeze to manage, without the fear of infestations.

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  • White Widow Seeds


    Buy White Widows Strain Seeds Online White Widow Autoflowering For Sale. White Widows Strain Seeds for sale is a cannabis variety originally from the Netherlands, which has fans all over the world and is very popular primarily because of its pain-relieving effect. White Widow has survived intense competition for being one of the world’s best …

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