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Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online at dogs of cannabis and receive at your doorstep. Similar to that orange juice concentrate in the back of your freezer, cannabis concentrates are the product of distilling down the most desirable parts of the plant. They contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis flowers and none of the excess plant material. Ounce for ounce, marijuana concentrates have a far greater proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes than raw cannabis flowers. A cannabis concentrate is simply a condensed accumulation of these trichomes. Grab any high-quality cannabis flower Marijuana concentrates contain extraordinarily high THC levels that could once range from 40 to 80%, up to four times stronger in THC content.

Cannabis concentrate oils · CO2 Oil The most common concentrate used in vape cartridges is CO2 oil. 

Cannabinoids and terpenes are responsible for the effects, aroma, and flavors you might experience with any cannabis product. They are found throughout the cannabis plant in small, sparkling structures called trichomes. A cannabis concentrate is simply a condensed accumulation of these trichomes. Grab any high-quality cannabis flower and you can see them for yourself. These frosty appendages coat the entire surface of the plant, but they’re particularly noticeable on the flower buds. Concentrates are typically made from cannabis by using two methods: solvent and solventless. The former can be further divided into two groups: …

buy Concentrates let you experience the best parts of cannabis in a multitude of ways and they come in a variety of textures that can be consumed using several different methods. Depending on the final form they take, cannabis concentrates and extracts can be consumed on their own, sprinkled in a joint to increase the potency, or precisely incorporated in a batch of edibles.

Close-up photo of marijuana concentrate.

How To Make Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates for sale can be made in a commercial environment with modern equipment or prepared in a home setting.2 They are produced in various ways, including:

  • dry processing (kief, finger hash)
  • dry ice processing
  • water-based processing (bubble hash)
  • combining pressure with heat
  • using nonflammable carbon dioxide solvents
  • using flammable solvents, including butane (lighter fluid), propane, ether or alcohol

Using flammable solvents is popular because the products have high THC levels, users report longer-lasting effects, and it is a relatively inexpensive and efficient production method. Butane is a commonly used solvent, producing the potent marijuana concentrate butane hash oil (BHO), also known as amber, dab, glass, honey, shatter, or wax.

Where To Buy Concentrates Online

If you prefer a concentrate over dried flower, we’ve got a selection to
keep you medicated for days… At Dogs of Cannabis we offer all the different types of concentrates at a very good price. Buy concentrate online at dogs of cannabis now!!!.Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Medical Effects Of Cannabis Concentrates

There are adverse effects associated with marijuana use in any form, though additional research is needed to understand how the use of concentrate may differ from smoking dried marijuana buds. Marijuana concentrates have very high levels of THC. Solvent-based products tend to be especially potent, with THC levels documented at an average of about 54-69% and reported to exceed 80%, while non-solvent based extraction methods produce average THC levels between 39-60%. In comparison, the THC content in marijuana plant material, which is often used in marijuana cigarettes, is lower—with samples seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency averaging just over 15%. Not only do concentrates have high levels of THC, but dabbers inhale the entire amount all at once—in a single breath. As a result, concentrates can deliver extremely large amounts of THC to the body quickly. The risks of physical dependence and addiction increase with exposure to high concentrations of THC, and higher doses of THC are more likely to produce anxiety, agitation, paranoia, and psychosis. Additional research is needed to understand how the use of concentrate affects these risks.

Cannabis concentrates are pretty much exactly what they sound like—products that have been processed to extract desirable compounds like cannabinoids and …

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

What is Hash?

Hash is usually consider hard pressed kief or compressed resin made from the bud’s trichome. There is finger hash, bubble hash and hash from the grinder. Because hash is made strictly from trichomes, it breaks apart easy and extremely sticky.Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online


Rosin is a sticky substance created when heat and compression meet a bud of cannabis flower. Unlike hash which is made with just trichomes, rosin is made with the entire cannabis bud.concentrate

Live Resin

Live resins is a sticky wax-like concentrates that has more intense terpene flavors and smells compared to other marijuana concentrates. The THC or CBD content can range from 80% to 90%, that high.what is concentrated cannabis


Weed wax is a common word that categorizes certain types of cannabis concentrates that have a sticky, wax like textures. As the name suggests, wax concentrates resemble the texture of candle wax.Buy Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter Wax

Shatter is a solid but sticky cannabis concentrate. It typically shatters into pieces when you go to pick up a dab.

Shatter is one of the most recognized concentrates, is easy to manipulate and is far less messy than other varieties of concentrates or extracts.


Tinctures utilize decarboxylated cannabis, placed in a jar with a high proof alcohol like everclear. The mixture is then stored for several weeks, strained and consumed.Buy Cannabis Concentrates

THC Oil or Hash Oil

THC oil and hash oil names that are commonly used to categorize all types of oil extracts that are produced from the cannabis plant.


A distillate is a refined, or distilled, version of a cannabis extract. After extraction, the distillate is run through a purification process several times. The result is a liquid, clarified distillate, much like honey in color and consistency.Buy Cannabis Concentrates online

Effects Of Cannabis Concentrates

Being a highly concentrated form of cannabis, the effects upon the user may be more psychologically and physically intense than plant cannabis use.

Till date, long term effects of marijuana concentrate use are not yet fully known; but, we do know the effects of plant marijuana use. These effects include paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, and hallucinations.

Additionally,  marijuana increases one’s heart rate and blood pressure. Plant marijuana users may also experience withdrawal and addiction problems.

How To Use Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis distillates can be consumed in so many different ways but still leads to same effects dpending on the cannabis content ion question (THC or CBD), the most common way of consuming cannabis around the USA and some areas of the world are listed below:

You can use a cannabis distillate vape when consuming THC distillate. You just need a cannabis distillate cartridge that can be refilled once it is finished. Vape pens should also be designed in a way that allows the consumer to adjust the temperature.

  • Sublingual use

Sublingual administration is one of the most natural methods of ingesting distillates. Simply place a drop or two under your tongue, then leave the liquid to be absorbed and dissolved in your bloodstream. You get to experience the medicinal and psychedelic effect of the cannabis distillates faster than ingesting orally. However, the effects are not as quick as inhaling.

  • Pill form

When a cannabis distillate is ingested in pill form, it is more powerful and will last for a longer duration than when it is smoked, vaped, or dabbed. However, it takes one or two hours to feel its effects. Pills are portable and don’t have an odor.

You can also infuse cannabis distillates with foods or beverages such as water, coffee, cannabutter, candy, and milk for quick and easy consumption.  You can even sprinkle some on your salad! In the case of a cannabis distillate cartridge, once it is finished, you can drop it in a cup of tea to rinse out the remnants of the cannabis distillate before washing it.

if you are looking for an immediate effect, you can use a dab rig or a bong to consume the cannabis distillate. Use a dabber to scoop and place the distillate on a dab nail or in the bowl of your bong. Once heated, inhale the vapor.

  • Joint, or Spliff

If you are a fan of smoking weed, then you can spread some hardened cannabis distillate on a rolling paper, and then roll your joint or blunt. You just need a few puffs to get the full effect of the distillate.

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